​I am so excited and proud to finally show off the game I worked on at Bend Studio, I was a 3D Generalist and Material Specialist for this project and had a hand on most textures and models for this demo. I am proud to have had a hand on such a gorgeous game and to have worked with such a awesome team. This has to be the best looking open world game ever so Cheers to Bend Studio!


              Enjoy the Trailer & Demo!

                        Call of Duty
                   Advanced Warfare

​I was a contract Prop Artist for Sledgehammer Games, I touched many levels of this game in some sort of way but was not allowed to take any of my work home with me after It was time to leave. I am left with some screenshots with my work in it. I made the Dead Camel in Core and the Bench and Bus Stop in Lagos, through out the game you may see a light post, trash can, door, or even a barrier here and there that I have done.